February 14, 2022 • 2 min read

Using Omie technology to improve project delivery

How we provided efficient workflow management for our customers' assets in the Gulf of Mexico

Have you ever experienced the anxiety of realizing an important email has slipped through the net? Working across several unconnected systems, you can find yourself buried in a haze of communications from colleagues on things like progress updates, actions, requests for inputs or approvals, or shared reports. 

Email is often used as a project management tool that goes far beyond what it was designed for. It can cause confusion or frustration among you and your team. Or worse, it can create a bottleneck that leads to a project delay.  

That’s why when a new workflow came online with our customer’s Gulf of Mexico asset portfolio, we applied Omie. 

“We developed Omie in response to our customers feeling trapped by standalone systems and spreadsheet-based trackers that relied on email to link processes together,” explains Supasinee Munmuang, Product Manager of Omie. “By centralizing and automating project workflows on a cloud-based platform, Omie helps project teams communicate more effectively and gain better visibility and control of their projects.”

Transparent and efficient workflow management

As the EPC service provider, we wanted to make the formal interactions with our customer more efficient. Omie was used to streamline how the team controlled and documented activities like requests for services (RFS), change controls, and requests for information (RFI). 

“Using one of Omie’s digital forms, our customer’s site-based personnel could initiate a workflow and automatically send the details to our team. It let us quickly scope the project requirements, gain functional inputs, obtain approval and commence the work,” explains Rob Griffiths, Portfolio Delivery Manager. “We had full visibility of the project status, control of actions and responsibilities, and an auditable history of all data and approvals. 

“And because Omie routes communication to the right stakeholders from the start, it gave us the clarity we needed to make informed project decisions. This was an enormous benefit for anyone joining the project, too. It helped them to hit the ground running without wasting time manually tracking down budget holders or approvers.” 

In the first year, this application of Omie handled over 400 RFS and enabled the project to successfully scale far beyond initial expectations.

A growing role for Omie

“Omie plays a big role in eliminating unnecessary administration so that skilled workers can focus on high-value activity,” says Munmuang. “But the greatest value Omie brings to projects is transparency, traceability, and accuracy compared with traditional methodologies.” 

Following this success, the scope of Omie is being expanded on our customer’s asset portfolio to include engineering queries, requests for information, key document change notices, project information notices, and travel requests. 

The next time an email slips through the net, ask yourself; are your workflow processes to blame? Find out how Omie could help you take back control. 


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