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Reliability and innovation in project delivery

We offer fully integrated project delivery execution expertise to deliver small scale facilities through to multi-billion-dollar projects, wherever they are in the world.

Our customers face a variety of challenges, including tight schedules, funding pressures, remote sites and growing sustainability expectations. Our project delivery expertise – and focus on accelerating net zero project delivery at scale – helps them begin production sooner and at a lower cost with less reliance on human resourcing.

We partner with our customers to reduce emissions and environmental impacts, optimize energy usage, reuse materials and minimize waste, select less CO2-intensive materials, and promote inclusion in the way we execute projects.

What we do

Our integrated data-centric delivery model creates a consistent customer experience, from simple consultancy services through to full EPC project execution delivery. We support our global project management teams with a suite of cloud-based tools, processes, and project management systems to ensure we work efficiently and in accordance with industry best practices. Our services include:

We act on our customers' behalf as independent reviewers to help them deliver successful projects. We also oversee and protect their interests and, where necessary, fill the gaps in their workforce.

We offer differentiated fully integrated project delivery execution expertise to our customers on a global scale, delivering complex and challenging projects with predictability and certainty. We supply our customers with the project managers and project delivery services personnel to work closely with their teams.

We supply project managers with the right qualifications and experience to provide world-class delivery for any part of our customers' projects.

We manage some of the world's most complex portfolios of projects. We give our customers access to the right expertise at the right time.

Accelerating project schedules

We optimize the technical scope, capital cost, schedule, and execution plans for our customers’ developments. This results in faster delivery of their services and products in competitive markets.

We accelerate project timelines by utilizing an expert community of planners using global standard tools and templates for consistency. We also use benchmarked project data, interactive planning techniques, and validation of probability for completion on time using quantitative schedule risk analysis techniques and tools.

Delivering Africa's largest wind farm

Our project management consulting (PMC) expertise, combined with international and local connections, helped build Africa’s largest wind power project. This saw our team erect 365 wind turbines in 362 days, delivering enduring benefits across the region.

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Rows of wind turbines in front of an orange sky.

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