Carbon capture,
utilization and storage


A decarbonization tool for the energy transition

We help our customers unlock the potential for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) as a decarbonization tool.

We advise our customers on the best available technologies and evaluate the optimum technical and economic options for their assets. And we maintain technology neutrality at every stage.

We use our legacy experience in gas processing to provide sustainable solutions for the compression and transportation of CO2. And assess the commercial viability of our customers’ utilization and storage needs. 

Statistic Cards

CCUS projects we are involved in are expected to capture 85 Mtpa of CO2

subject matter experts (SMEs) for CCUS

work hours of design experience on the world’s largest CCUS projects

Our diverse technology experience

We implement a broad range of carbon capture solutions, ranging from pre-combustion, post-combustion, and oxy-fuel combustion, direct air capture, and other emerging technologies.

Statistic Cards

Absorption (post‑combustion)
We have experience with several mature and emerging post-combustion technologies. From open-art amines and proprietary solvents to capture processes such as Shell CANSOLV and Mitsubishi KM‑CDR.

Absorption (pre‑combustion)
We’re working with mature and emerging technologies such as Selexol, BASF OASE White. While expanding our working knowledge of other technologies such as Propylene carbonate.

We are evaluating solid-based CO2 capture technologies and have project experience with Svante as an emerging technology in this space.

Physical solvent
We’re working with Air Liquide’s technology Lurgi Rectisol™ on one of our active projects.

Oxy combustion
We’re experienced in natural gas and coal-fired power, and chemical sectors. From demo to large scale projects, we offer concept development, techno-economic evaluation, and engineering for up to 550 MWe plants.

We have experience with mature technologies such as Air Liquide and UOP Honeywell. While expanding our working knowledge of technologies like Chart SES technology.

Other technology types
We’re working with and exploring various mature and emerging technologies. Including MTR and Compact Membrane Systems, calcium looping, biological with microalgae.

Gary LeMaire of Worley.
"CCUS has a huge part to play in the energy transition. But if we’re to meet net zero targets, the rate at which we develop CCUS infrastructure must accelerate by at least 100-fold between now and 2050."
Gary LeMaire Senior Director CCUS

Scaling CCUS for your business

To meet mid-century net zero goals, the development and adoption of CCUS must accelerate at a pace and scale unlike ever before.

In this report, we explore the role of CCUS in meeting net zero targets. With expert insights and data analysis into the factors driving CCUS investments, the significance of standardization, and the challenges to overcome in delivering more cost effective and efficient large scale CCUS projects in North America.

Cover and open pages of the CCUS report available for download.

Our expertise in action

To date, we have supported over 330 CCUS projects across various industries. And with six CCUS Communities of Excellence around the world, we’re collaborating with key industry stakeholders to scale up CCUS project delivery, unlike ever before.

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