Capital project workflow optimization


Streamline project interfaces and workflows

Omie helps our customers to reduce their dependence on spreadsheets and other disparate workflow management systems. It consolidates project interface agreements and streamlines workflow processes into a centralized, user-friendly environment in the cloud.

The benefits of Omie

Omie makes it easy to keep pace with shifting project scopes, with its comprehensive and customizable change management capabilities. This minimizes costs and schedule delays across multiple workflows, supporting seamless project execution.

Omie removes dependency on email exchanges, PDFs, and spreadsheets. It completes a request within 30 minutes, which is consistently faster than using email, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Omie’s inbuilt reporting tools support more informed decisions for your projects. It maintains a live and accurate interface with data from all stakeholders, which helps minimize errors and rework, and saves time and cost.

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