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We're delivering sustainable change. But what does that mean?

For us, it's moving forwards in a measured and well-managed approach; working beside our customers to maintain the viability of their assets for continued business growth.

In 2021, we announced our ambition-aligned-target of deriving 75 percent of our revenue from sustainability-related projects by FY26.

This represents sustainable change. It’s not just about the environment – it reflects economic and social factors, too. It’s about evolving and adapting. All while maintaining a steady course that will sustain our business through the next 50 years.

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Infographic detailing our market environment, core beliefs and ambition.

Sustainable development: the Worley Foundation

Over the past 10 years the Worley Foundation has supported over 81 projects that align with its aims to advance STEM education, skilled volunteering and environmental and community benefits. And provides a unique platform to harness the diverse skill sets of our people to support communities.

Three people working outside in the grass writing notes on paper.

Our legacy: Shaping tomorrow, together

Our legacy isn’t a glance into the past; it’s a commitment to crafting a future where sustainability, transformation, and ambition unite to create meaningful change. From traditional energy to growing areas like battery materials and carbon capture, we’ve evolved by embracing challenges and innovating together.

A symbol of purpose: Our logomark

Our logomark goes beyond being just a symbol; it’s a reflection of our shared purpose. It was inspired by the three pillars of our ambition and the imprint we all want to leave behind:

  • People: Nearly 50,000 of our people across the world are rising to the challenge.
  • Portfolio: It’s the ripple effect of our work, seen through our portfolio of projects.
  • Planet: It’s our positive contribution to delivering a more sustainable world.

Our logomark is our story. It’s the lasting imprint we make on the world – a reflection of our impact.

Worley logo.
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