Expanding the supply of battery materials

We partner with our customers and other key stakeholders across the value chain to help build a sustainable supply chain at speed and scale as they work to meet the energy transition’s increasing demand for batteries materials.

We consult, engineer, and construct solutions, from the mining of raw materials through to all the intermediate processing steps for active materials manufacturing and recycling. With centers of excellence and project execution offices located around the world, our services are global.

Our battery material services

With 8,000 professionals working across 12 principal mining, minerals, and metals offices, we deliver projects across the entire mining lifecycle. We’ve completed more than 200 projects across cobalt, graphite, lithium, manganese, nickel and vanadium including intermediate refining facilities.

High quality cathode and anode materials require precise chemistries, crystal structures and coatings. We understand what it takes to deliver these facilities at scale, drawing on our experience from the mineral processing and fine chemicals industries. Projects we’ve worked on include:

  • delivering a complete solution from graphite mine to anode material
  • completion of a pre cursor cathode active material plant in Finland
  • delivery of cathode active material and recycling facilities in Sweden.

Battery recycling technology is evolving as the industry faces raw materials shortages, sustainability ambitions and policies mandating recycled material content. We partner with our customers to recover material through several approaches utilizing our expertise in pyro-metallurgical, hydro-metallurgical and direct recycling routes.

Sustainability by design: a new ‘greenprint’ for battery and battery materials manufacturing

In collaboration with Minviro, this paper addresses the urgent demand for sustainable practices in battery and battery materials manufacturing. With global battery demand set to surge from 1 TWh to 6.8 TWh by 2030, environmentally conscious design and development are crucial. The EU’s Battery Passport and similar regulations necessitate sustainability. Our white paper offers guidance on data-driven, environmentally informed approaches to meet these challenges.

Pages of the Minviro Worley Sustainability by Design report.

It's a global race to meet demand for battery materials

Electric vehicle demand is growing thanks to new government legislation. But this demand is putting pressure on the battery materials value chain. The pace and scale of production growth makes securing and sourcing battery-grade minerals and metals a high priority.

It traditionally takes decades to develop new mines from greenfield deposits. But we’ve developed new, standardized approaches to deliver battery materials infrastructure at scale.

We also support the commercialization of sustainable extraction technologies such as Direct Lithium Extraction through our technology partnership offerings.

The search for socially responsible suppliers is on, and successful projects depend on collaboration across the supply chain.


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Darren Quayle of Worley.
"2050 is looming quickly and battery minerals and materials are critical to storing energy. The world is moving to a new energy-based economy and with demand set to grow, materials such as copper, lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel and silicon play a key part in wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles.

The complexity and supply challenges of these projects is increasing. The right expertise across the value chain, with sustainable solutions embedded throughout, is needed to ensure success in a low carbon future. And we have the people, skills and expertise to support that vision."


Darryn Quayle Vice President, Business Development Read Darryn's profile
We have a growing team of battery material experts working on our customers' challenges.
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