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Future proofing asset management

When running an asset, operators often ask how to enhance efficiency, improve sustainability, and boost reliability to unlock their asset’s full potential. Or how to safely repurpose and remediate when it’s time to introduce a new product, and decommission when their asset nears the end of its life.

We help our customers make informed decisions for now, and for the future through our full lifecycle advisory solutions.

Valentina Riggins of Worley Consulting.
"When modifying and optimizing existing assets for alternate uses, like reducing carbon intensity, extending lifespan, or adapting to handle different products, it’s important to develop asset management plans. Using monitoring technologies and applying digital solutions like predictive failure analysis and dashboards, extends the service life of assets and minimizes operating risks."
Valentina Riggins Senior Vice President, Digital Consulting

Helping make decisions for your asset easier

Our experts identify and assess risks and potential liabilities throughout the asset lifecycle. We analyze materiality, climate change risk, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, circular economy metrics, human rights, and value chain performance when optimizing or deciding the future of an asset.

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Reporting and benchmarking

We assist with data collection and analysis for sustainability reporting and benchmarking, ensuring compliance with legislative directives. We also benchmark operations against industry standards and competitors to identify improvement opportunities.

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Closure, repurposing and decommissioning

We offer detailed analysis of closure, repurposing and decommissioning, covering techno-economic, social, environmental, and sustainability aspects.

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Reducing impacts on the environment and wildlife

We enable customers to monitor, measure, and value environmental impacts and assess risks related to natural capital dependencies. Our services include solutions for preserving plant and animal species, maintaining ecosystems, and ensuring biodiversity throughout project and operations lifecycles.

Aerial view of coast line.

Digital optimization at every lifecycle phase

Capital assets typically spend 3-5 years in design and construction and 30-50 years in operations. Realizing the vision for an asset of the future is crucial for maximizing optimization through digital, data, and technology.

Our expertise in operations and digital solutions drives maximum value, optimizes uptime, minimizes losses and looks at operations differently. We use digital twins, simulation, remediate data and assist in advancing customers towards fully autonomous assets.

And at the end of the asset lifecycle, controlled decommissioning is essential. We use digital assets to manage this process safely and efficiently.

Person wearing a virtual reality headset with arms outstretched.
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