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Our offshore experts are world leaders in subsea systems, offshore pipelines, floating systems, and field development. For over 40 years, we’ve helped offshore oil and gas operators plan, develop, and execute projects in some of the most challenging offshore environments. And we’re applying this experience and expertise to the offshore wind industry as the world transitions to cleaner energy sources.

We turn complex challenges into practical solutions. We push the boundaries of technology. And we set industry benchmarks, while delivering innovative, business-driven solutions.

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We design and manage offshore pipeline projects and are industry leaders in ultra deep water marine pipeline execution projects. We have extensive experience on long distance, large diameter transmission projects and offshore platform-to-platform pipeline projects. And we use this experience to ensure fast, cost effective completion and operation of marine pipeline assets.

To ensure we deliver industry leading design processes for our customers we use our digital pipeline engineering suite of tools that we’ve developed in-house. This ensures a digital design basis where digital twin data lives with an asset from design into operations, providing a quick turnaround for any design changes. We also support customers with designing and applying remote monitoring systems and data analytics tools to ensure pipeline integrity and quality.

From start up to decommissioning, we support the delivery of subsea umbilicals, risers and flowline (SURF) equipment. We provide structural design services for manifold, pipeline end terminations, tie ins and auxiliary structural support equipment. And offer subsea system engineering services that make use of our proven processes and tools to provide customers the right systems, at the right time, as they seek to maximize recovery from their reservoirs.

Our subsea expertise coupled with our world-class flow assurance capability allow us to deliver subsea systems that maximize production from subsurface assets. This expertise has led to the development of our Pseudo Dry Gas Technology that facilitates longer subsea step outs as the industry develops longer and deeper reserves.

We’ve also been instrumental in helping the offshore industry move to modular subsea system configurations. And have proven that these configurations can increase flexibility and reduce risk. Our subsea production systems team is one of the largest in the industry and can provide solutions for water depths of 2,800 meters and deeper.

We've designed 16 of the 20 currently installed and sanctioned tension leg platforms. We’ve been involved in major spar designs at record setting water depths. And we’re one of the only engineering teams with execution experience across all floating production system types.

This expertise includes hull design, motion response modeling, and detailed moorings and flexible systems design. Our in-house digital tools have also been employed by major international oil companies for life-extension assessments of in-service risers. This has resulted in deferred change outs and increased asset up time.

We develop and implement innovative offshore solutions for remote, arctic environments. This includes revamp, modernization, and grass roots projects above and below the ice. Our experience spans across Canada, the US and Europe, putting us at the forefront of arctic offshore developments.

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