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Improving reliability and certainty for assets

Our operations and maintenance (O&M) services provide economic surety and uncover opportunities for bottom line improvements. We provide support to ensure assets and infrastructure are running as intended.

We use predictive maintenance to provide cost efficiencies and remove people from harm’s way. And we help our customers to establish the right asset management systems, identify ways to save money and achieve higher availability. Our experts help operators understand technical performance, operational expenditure, and availability, and make decisions to improve the functioning of their assets.

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of Australia's large scale renewable energy is monitored through our remote monitoring centre in Sydney

bankable benefit delivered to customers from improvements over the past 10 years

O&M and asset services contracts globally

From PowerPoint to productive assets

In the development phase, our O&M capabilities can support a project’s business case by ensuring operational requirements are reflected in the project’s design. We then develop strategies to ensure operability, maintainability and safety, reducing costs, risks, and environmental impact during operation. We also optimize outage programs and help customers extend the useful lives of their assets.

In Australia, we are monitoring around 10 percent of Australia’s grid-connected generation capacity across the range of technologies supported by our remote monitoring centre (RMC) in Sydney.

We’re also working with ABB and IBM to help energy companies build and operate green hydrogen facilities more efficiently and at scale. Central to this offering is our asset optimization center – an integrated operations platform where we use data to make real time improvements and drive down operational costs.

Oil storage tanks at a port.
Joachim Meister of Worley.
"Facility owners generally plan for a certain number of maintenance visits per year. We help optimize their operation and maintenance strategies using data, reducing the number of visits to site and increasing plant availability and reliability over time."
Joachim Meister Global Sector Lead, Power

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