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We help our customers meet rising energy demand while supporting their decarbonization targets and ambitions to electrify their facilities. From the production and processing of hydrocarbons and renewable natural gas to monetized products such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and converted fuels (GTL). We also work on regasification of LNG in end markets.

We provide sustainable solutions to help minimize employee risk, maximize capital efficiency, and help our reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And help tackle customers’ concerns around water treatment, methane emissions, and integrating renewables and lower carbon electricity into their operations.

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As global demand for energy continues to grow, our knowledge and global reach allows us to bring new thinking and new solutions to a changing market.
Jim Lenton of Worley.

Jim Lenton

Senior Vice President and Global Sector Lead, Upstream and Midstream

What trends will define the conventional energy industry in 2024?

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