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Our customers all share a significant risk: securing the license to operate. With increasing emission controls and government legislation, obtaining and maintaining this license is becoming critically important. Worley Chemetics® helps reduce the environmental impacts of plants. We’ve enabled chlorine-free paper bleaching. We’ve drastically reduced NOx and SO2 emissions from smelters and chemical sites. We’ve cleaned and recycled sulphuric acid and toxic effluents. And we’ve captured and converted acid rain to create fertilizer products. 

Based in Vancouver, Canada, we are leading providers of sulphuric acid and chlorine electro-chemical technology. From our custom-built fabrication facility and research lab plus centers of excellence in Toronto, Perth and Santiago, we offer support worldwide.

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Our three distinct offerings

Our solutions and equipment help customers achieve higher capacities and availability, lower their operating costs, reduce emissions, improve safety and maximize long term profits.

Together with Worley Comprimo®, we support our customers at every point of the sulphur value chain. From feasibility studies to plant and equipment supply, asset maintenance and operational support.

We’re the only vendor to offer the entire suite of sulphuric acid applications, covering sulphur burning acid plants, metallurgical plants, concentration and regeneration plants.

Our designs allow us to construct, deliver globally and assemble plants and equipment within a short shutdown to minimize site downtime. Our plants achieve the highest availability with guaranteed emissions that are always in line with environmental requirements.

Our ongoing development has led to new patents: CORE-SO2™ an oxygen-based acid plant that enables an efficient, integrated ammonia-phosphate-green fertilizer route. And CORE-FGD™, flue gas desulphurization. These technologies nearly eliminate stack emissions.

Our history of equipment design, fabrication, spare part and technical services spans across more than 60 years.

We manage complicated processes, corrosion concerns, materials selection, testing and manufacturing paperwork. For our customers, that translates into economical equipment, leading to improved plant performance and profitability.

We invented the ANOTROL® anodically protected acid cooler. We developed SARAMET® silicon stainless steel equipment. Our ISO‑FLOW™ with SWIFT‑LOCK™ distributors improve acid tower maintenance and performance.

For the nuclear, mining, chemical and petrochemical markets, we supply shell and tube heat exchangers, vessels and other process equipment from stainless steel, alloys and titanium.

And our equipment fabrication upgrades plant operations. We’ve solved persistent corrosion and reliability issues in thousands of sites across the world. With our in-house corrosion and thermal design experts, we’re placed to deliver the most sustainable plants and equipment for our customers.

We design, supply and service equipment and full plants for the production of chlor-alkali, hypochlorites, sodium chlorate and chlorine dioxide chemicals.

We provide electrolyzers, equipment and plants to produce electro-chemicals. And we’ve led the industry with our innovations – from introducing the first graphite electrode chlorate cell, to creating the lowest cost process for producing chlorine dioxide, and revolutionizing sulphate control in chlor-alkali plants.

We help our customers balance plant demands, avoid dependence on external feedstocks and cut operational costs. And with ongoing research, they reap environmental benefits and operational savings.

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