February 23, 2021 • 1 min read

Providing sulphur recovery technologies to a new major grassroots refinery

Comprimo, our sulphur technology business, is delivering the technology license and licensor process design package for the new sulphur recovery complex in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia.

The sulphur recovery complex is part of the Grass Root Refinery and Petrochemicals at Tuban (GRe@T) project, which is being built by Pt Pertamina Rosneft Pengolahan & Petrokimia (PRP&P).

This refinery will process 300,000 barrels of crude oil per day, over 1 million tons of ethylene per year, 1.3 million tons of aromatic hydrocarbons per year, and 650,000 tons per year of polyethylene, which are used to create a range of plastic products; from packaging film to children's toys. The complex is expected to start production in 2025.

Comprimo will provide the most cost-effective sulphur recovery technology available to PRP&P, and ensure the facility complies with emissions regulations. The plant will consist of three amine regeneration units, two sour water strippers, and two identical sulphur recovery trains of 1,040 tons per day of sulphur each, with two identical tail gas treatment trains. A one-stop-shop approach to licensing of all sulphur block technologies by Comprimo provides PRP&P the benefit of synergies in the design, engineering and operation of these units.

“Our contract with Comprimo gives PRP&P the technology needed for the integrated refinery and petrochemical complex to be one of the most competitive in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Carlos Mondolfi, Project Director with PRP&P. “We look forward to building a successful sulphur recovery complex in full compliance with emissions regulations.”

“As the largest sulphur recovery and gas treating technology provider, we are pleased to deliver our sulphur technologies offering to PRP&P,” said Frank Scheel, Senior Vice President, Comprimo. “Our sulphur abatement technology enables our customers to supply plastic products the world needs, in alignment with local environmental regulations.”


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