The changing energy landscape

We help our power network customers meet the demand for renewable and reliable electricity to power homes, industries, and communities around the world.

We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. From power plant integration and transmission grids to energy storage, we assess, advise, and engineer sustainable solutions that match our customers’ needs.

Our global workforce and cross-sector experience mean we understand our customers’ assets and location-specific rules and regulations. This informs the way we design and build these systems to make sure they’re compliant, cost-efficient, and digitally secure.

Statistic Cards

years of expertise in power generation and distribution projects

MW of new-build generating capacity installed worldwide

Our key industries
Samuel Brikho of Worley.
"Our customers are benefiting from generating, storing, and managing their own electricity, using it when they need it, and in any way they want. This gives them full control over their energy costs and environmental impact."
Samuel Brikho Vice President, Global Growth Unit Lead

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