Consistent and scalable engineering

We design the facilities that produce critical resources such as electricity, fuels, materials, and plastics. We have large multi-national teams working around the clock to make these designs a reality, integrating our people and systems via a mature workshare model.

We deliver consistently robust and innovative engineering globally by adhering to our scalable standard operating practices, supported by a growing use of automation and standardization. We also utilize our comprehensive Knowledge System to advance the quality and efficient delivery of our solutions by drawing upon our extensive global knowledge.

Joe Bonnett of Worley.
"We’re committed to engineering excellence and continuously improving the way we deliver projects. Every day, our people strive to deliver the best engineering solutions to support our customers to achieve their goals."
Joe Bonett Senior Vice President Engineering

Our engineering approach

We’re evolving the way we do engineering to best respond to changing market trends and customer needs. These demands form the basis for our long term engineering blueprint, which outlines our transformation journey to becoming a solutions provider, leading partners and societies to a more sustainable future.

We use our unique safe and sustainable engineering for asset lifecycle (SEAL) framework to drive the right principles to enhance our designs. We have a robust Technical Stewardship approach that governs the complex engineering we perform globally.

We offer digital execution strategies for projects through our Digital Execution Centre of Excellence. This allows us to conduct data-centric engineering and deliver digital twins. We also use integrated software and visualization technology to provide an immersive design review experience.

We support our engineers in their learning and development with a comprehensive competency framework and access to extensive learning resources. And we take advantage of our global network of subject matter experts to find solutions on projects across the world.

Our Global Integrated Delivery (GID) team in India enables us to ramp up quickly and respond to our customers’ needs. As an extension of our home office teams who oversee the project, our GID team improves our overall productivity and delivery.

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projects supported via Global Integrated Delivery working with over 95 other home offices in FY2023

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