Doubling aluminium production by 2040

The growth path for aluminium is strong, thanks to its lightweight characteristics and growing energy transition applications. But current aluminium production methods are often CO2-intensive, with smelters and other processing facilities often powered by electricity generated from fossil fuels.

From our aluminium centre of excellence in Geelong, Australia, we partner with aluminium producers to complete projects all over the world. We help them expand their aluminium production outputs to meet future demand, while also decarbonizing their operations.

We provide technical capabilities from concepts through to project implementation and operations support, accounting for growing sustainability expectations. Our work includes designing the DX reduction cells at one of the world’s largest smelters, providing ongoing support for reduction cell technology via an EPCM contract for a smelter in the Middle East, and improving a smelter’s environmental, maintenance and process performance in Brazil.

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Our aluminium services

We bring real world experience from our range of international projects for aluminium plants, to support our front end consultancy and detailed design capability. We’ve been engaged by some of the world’s largest aluminium producers to identify emissions reduction solutions. This includes the collection of pitch fumes.

We provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) delivery or full program management contracting (PMC) services. This combination of modularization experience and technical capability allows us to implement complex projects in remote locations worldwide.

We work with aluminium producers to balance electricity demand with stabilization mechanisms, such as shell heat exchange technology for smelter power modulation or pumped storage. Through a partnership approach, we help our customers understand transformation and decarbonization strategies needed for each asset.

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