Accelerating the global hydrogen economy

While hydrogen can decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, a global industry for hydrogen – produced in an environmentally sustainable way – has been held back by high costs and a lack of scale. However, many countries and companies are now on a journey to realize hydrogen’s full potential and its role in a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

We help our customers explore the feasibility of their goals in both low carbon (blue) and renewable (green) hydrogen, and then engineer solutions to implement it at scale.

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Chris Gill of Worley.
"Renewable electricity has a critical role to play in our future energy systems. However, it can’t solve all our customers’ decarbonization challenges alone. Hydrogen offers an alternative fuel source or feedstock in complex and energy-intensive sectors of the global economy."
Chris Gill Vice President Global Hydrogen

How we support hydrogen ambitions

We provide the technical expertise to produce hydrogen sustainably, whether it’s generated using renewable energy and electrolysis or a fossil fuel process equipped with carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

We help our customers store, transport, and process hydrogen. Our expertise covers solutions that use existing gas infrastructure or via compression, liquefaction, or chemical conversion.

We help our customers use their hydrogen in everything from steel production, fueling heavy transport, and processing crude oil at refineries to providing feedstocks for fertilizer production. We’re also involved in multiple power-to-X pathways to enable our customers to produce renewable hydrogen, synthetic fuels, green ammonia, or chemicals from renewable electricity.

Our work in hydrogen

We work across every step of the hydrogen journey with projects including:

  • studies on the feasibility of crude oil to hydrogen pathways in the Middle East
  • a study on building a green hydrogen industry for South Australia
  • designing 36 GW of electrolyzer capacity for an artificial island off the coast of the Netherlands
  • the engineering, procurement, and construction phase of a green hydrogen refueling station in New Zealand
  • a detailed analysis of hydrogen in Australia, from ammonia synthesis to fuel cell mobility
  • technical counsel for an offshore wind farm and hydrogen electrolyzer facility for a refinery in the Netherlands
  • a study on using hydrogen in high pressure natural gas pipelines in Canada.

There is a misconception that hydrogen – specifically renewable hydrogen – is going to be easy to produce and integrate at the scales we need. In reality, it has many layers of complexity that we need to address simultaneously involving all stakeholders. Something we cover a lot more of in our latest From Ambition to Reality paper.

Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson of Worley.

Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson

Global Strategic Advisor for Hydrogen

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