Low carbon

Embracing the energy transition with low carbon hydrogen

We help our customers unlock the potential of low carbon (blue) hydrogen, which is produced using natural gas equipped with carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

From our hydrogen centers of excellence around the world, we provide our customers with integration solutions that provide a pathway to low cost and more environmentally sustainable hydrogen production at scale.

We help lower CO2 emissions by equipping natural gas-dependent hydrogen projects with CCUS, trapping the CO2 by-product. This reduces the CO2 intensity of hydrogen used in hard-to-abate industrial processes and sectors.

Choosing the right process technology

We’re technology neutral so we advise on the best available technologies and evaluate technical and economic options for our customers’ low carbon hydrogen production assets.

Our experts are also experienced with natural gas reforming technologies including steam methane, autothermal, and gas heated reformers. And our relationships with licensors provides flexibility and optimization options to streamline early project development.

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Hydrogen production with carbon capture and storage capabilities

We’re helping our customer evaluate the possibility of building a hydrogen production plant, including CO2 capture, liquefaction, and export facilities in the Netherlands. The project aims to capture up to two million tons of CO2 per year which will then be reinjected and stored in an offshore reservoir.

Supporting a low carbon hydrogen plant in the UK

We’re providing procurement management contract services for a 350MW low carbon hydrogen production plant in the UK, expected to be one of the first large-scale low carbon hydrogen plants in the world. This includes modifications within the refinery to accept low carbon hydrogen to power production instead of fossil fuels.

Technical evaluation of using 100 percent hydrogen as an industrial fuel

We conducted a technical evaluation study to help our customer explore whether it is technically possible and safe to replace natural gas with low carbon hydrogen.

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