The growing role of graphite in the energy transition

Our customers are facing challenges in meeting demand for graphite – a critical material used in batteries. But meeting the scale of future demand for anode-grade battery material requires complex handling of mined materials, as well as diversification into synthetics.

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Our graphite experience starts at the mine site, with mine design and planning, development, and optimization of natural graphite ores.

Graphite is fragile, so controlling its size and shape across its lifecycle is vital. We work with our customers to ensure its raw form is concentrated to no less than 94 percent purity, readying it for purification, shaping, and coating. These stages require the most investment to transform graphite into a high-value anode material.

From our centre of excellence in Stockton, UK, we work with our customers to decide which method to use for graphite purification. This includes acid or caustic wash or a series of options using thermal treatment to remove unwanted metals. We understand the mechanisms of how graphite reacts to these processes and help determine the optimum way to purify graphite.

We’re leading several studies to assess project viability to assess the viability of synthetic graphite. This includes the application of technologies that convert CO2 from carbon capture into synthetic graphite, as well as graphite derived from petcoke or biochar.

We understand how to shape and make spherical graphite. Recent learning has shown that purification followed by shaping produces a better overall yield.

We cover the base coating processes using pitch, as well as more evolved processes. This includes the development of coated spherical purified graphite, an anode material and key ingredient of modern batteries. We also provide other coating techniques such as chemical vapor deposition, coating with carbon or silicon.

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