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Imagine a world where 3D printed infrastructure rises from the ground within days, AI powered predictive maintenance eliminates downtime, and blockchain secures the entire supply chain from raw material to final product and recirculation of waste.

The innovations we’re looking for don’t all exist yet. But through our access to startups, venture capitalists, customers and our project delivery teams, we’re working to make them a reality. We’re currently involved in 152 active and 37 pending patents, bringing new technologies and applications to market.


Investing in new technologies

We invest in applications – from waste heat to power technologies to artificial intelligence platforms – that drive revenue, decrease costs and create better insights. We build and scale new technologies, which could transform the way we work today. And into the future.

We focus our search on five areas and search the globe to discover, filter, pilot and scale innovations of strategic and commercial significance and startups with fresh ideas that could change the way we work. To give our customers certainty that they can realize the value and quantify the savings of deploying the latest advancements.

Market focus Phase 1:
Phase 2:
Phase 3:
Phase 4:
Sustainability and renewables We work with venture capitalists, incubators, accelerators, and research labs to find new technology. We filter out the best technologies and dig deeper into the innovation and company. We work with our technology champions to pilot technologies and prove their value. Based on the business case, we invest or partner to take the innovation to market.
Lower carbon technologies
Energy transition and efficiency
Digital transformation
Construction and delivery
Roy Brown of Worley.
"The development of technology and innovation continues to shape every aspect of our lives. The rate of change is frightening, exciting and unstoppable. But what drives me every day, is the possibility to influence a better future for my kids and generations after them."
Roy Brown Vice President, Technology Ventures

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