Sulphur recovery and gas treating technology

Oil and gas have a role to play in supplying the world's growing energy needs. But when we burn fossil fuels, or smelt mineral ores, sulphur dioxide is produced, emitting toxins into our atmosphere. We help our customers find solutions to reduce these emissions and support their net zero goals.

With our colleagues at Worley Chemetics®, we cover all parts of the sulphur value chain. We remove sulphur from hydrocarbon streams. We recover it as elemental sulphur. We transport it to sites. And we transform it into sulphuric acid, which is used to extract metals and produce fertilizers.

We work with industry and environmental regulators to improve acid gas treatment and sulphur recovery technology. We design energy efficient, sustainable units and processes such as SUPERLCAUS®, EUROCLAUS® and BSR-amine systems, to reduce emissions.

Reducing emissions in multiple industries

As the largest global sulphur recovery and gas treating technology provider, we work with refineries, gas plants, power and chemical plants around the world to meet emissions targets. From our centers of excellence in The Hague, London, Mumbai, Calgary and Los Angeles, we provide ongoing support and access to our sulphur and gas treating expertise.

Statistic Cards

dedicated specialists in five countries

designed and licensed gas treating and sulphur recovery units worldwide

metric tons of SO2 emissions prevented globally each year

Do you know how valuable your plant data can be?

Our digital solutions, Comprimo Insight and Comprimo Immerse, enable you to make the most of your existing plant data. Discover how our tools can improve sulphur recovery unit (SRU) operations.

Comprimo Insight - Intelligent Sulphur Plant Dashboard

Existing data from your plant can help improve future operations. This data – presented in an intelligent dashboard – can inform decisions that reduce opex, enhance production capacity and equipment life, reduce emissions and secure your social license.

Comprimo Immerse - Dynamic Sulphur Plant Simulator

Immerse your operations in a digital environment that replicates your sulphur plant. Trial operational scenarios, explore the cause and effect of your choices, and reduce onboarding time for plant operators.


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