Corporate governance

The Board strive to ensure that Worley Limited and the entities it controls (Group) meet high standards of safety, performance and governance.

The Group recognise it has responsibilities to its shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers as well as to the communities in which it operates.

The Board has ultimate authority over, and oversight of the Group and regards corporate governance as a critical element in achieving the Group’s objectives. Accordingly, the Board has adopted appropriate charters, codes and policies and established a number of committees to discharge its duties.

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Constitution download icon
Audit and Risk Committee Charter download icon
Board Charter download icon
Health, Safety and Sustainability Committee Charter download icon
Nominations Committee Charter download icon
People and Remuneration Committee Charter download icon


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Code of Conduct 2023 download icon
Supply Chain Code of Conduct download icon
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Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy download icon
Anti-Competition Policy download icon
Continuous Disclosure Policy download icon
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy download icon
Human Rights Policy download icon
Indigenous Peoples Engagement Policy download icon
Information Security Policy download icon
Modern Slavery Policy download icon
People Policy download icon
Privacy Policy download icon
Quality Policy download icon
R3 Security and Resilience Policy download icon
Record Retention and Destruction Policy download icon
Respectful Workplace Behavior Policy download icon
Risk Management Policy download icon
Safety, Health and Well-being Policy download icon
Securities Dealing Policy download icon
Sustainability Policy download icon
Whistleblower Policy download icon
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Annual Report 2023 download icon
Corporate Governance Statement 2023 download icon
Modern Slavery Statement 2023 download icon
Canada Modern Slavery Report 2023 download icon
Tax Contribution Report FY2022 download icon
UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2024 download icon
Worley Gender Pay Gap Statement for Australia 2024 download icon
UK Tax Strategy 2024 download icon
WGEA Certificate of Compliance 2022-2023 download icon
WGEA Gender Equality Reporting 2022-2023 download icon


Ethics Helpline

Our reputation for safety, honesty and ethical conduct is one of our most important assets. If you identify a breach or a potential breach of our Code of Conduct, you can place an anonymous report in confidence on our Ethics Helpline, hosted by a third party provider. Reports can be made by phone or online.

ethics helpline

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