The future of mining

Mining’s future will look very different from what we see today. Emerging technologies, megatrends, and social expectations will transform the world’s mining practices. And the energy transition – including growing renewable energy uptake and the rise of battery technology – will heavily influence what we mine and how it’s used.

The industry needs new thinking

Visions are being set. But charting these future pathways will take sustained effort. We combine our mining experience with our expertise across digital, sustainability and new energy to help our customers find the most economic solutions to reduce CO2 emissions while unlocking new supply.

With 8,000 professionals working across 12 principal mining, minerals and metals offices, we have the scale, experience and capability to deliver solutions to schedule and cost across the life of a project, from mine to port.

Propeller churning up water.

What trends will define the mining industry in 2024?

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