Scaling up to meet demand and decarbonization targets

Electrification, renewable energy and energy storage can't decarbonize every industrial process. Even with the rapid expansion in renewables, we may only meet half of the necessary decarbonization requirements for net zero.

To bridge this gap, we help our customers realize the potential for renewable hydrogen – also referred to as green hydrogen – produced through electrolysis, an emissions-free process using renewable electricity and water.

The biggest challenge in renewable hydrogen today is high production costs. Renewable hydrogen needs to be deployed at scale, to improve commercial viability and reduce costs.

And we see a pathway to scale, by supporting our customers to lead their industries in integrating renewable hydrogen into their operations.

We consult, advise, engineer, and design solutions across the entire renewable hydrogen supply chain, from feasibility studies and early engineering through to asset integration. We also provide energy storage solutions to manage the variability of our customers' renewable electricity systems.

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pre-FEED, FEED, detailed engineering and construction for Europe’s largest green hydrogen plant

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Our experience

We're working on some of the world’s largest renewable hydrogen projects across our hydrogen centres of excellence, including:

  • providing front-end engineering design for a biorefinery in Europe
  • providing the technical design for Queensland’s largest renewable hydrogen project
  • supporting Oman’s journey to producing hydrogen-based low carbon fuels by optimizing around 25 GW of wind and solar generation.

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