Evolving market requirements

The petrochemicals landscape is changing, with new technology trends making it more challenging for producers to plan facilities. We identify viable approaches across our customers’ value chains, whether it’s a traditional refining and petrochemical operation or a new fuels-to-chemicals process route.

Our experience covers the full range of petrochemicals products, including bulk commodity chemicals like ethylene and other value-driven derivatives. We support industry experts, suppliers, and manufacturers from front-end definition through to operating and upgrading plants.

We combine the expertise from our centers of excellence in Houston, the Hague, Antwerp, and Shanghai with experienced site teams to make petrochemicals plants safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

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Positioning for the future

We help our customers respond to market trends, including emerging petrochemical feedstocks, increasing material and energy efficiency, and developing more tailored derivatives. And we design plants to produce emerging products, from electronic components to polymers and plastics.

We also develop long term strategies with our customers so they can process material and manage waste more effectively, closing the material cycle and supporting a more circular economy. And we’re embracing the emergence of renewable energy, feedstock changes, and disruptions in the end-user market as consumers demand more sustainable products.

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