December 09, 2021 • 1 min read

Digital twin

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The digital twin is the key to digital transformation

Digital technologies open a world of possibilities for more effective and sustainable ways of working.

But to capture the potential of digital we need to change the way we capture, store and use data. From the earliest phase of a project, we must consider how data will travel across the life of the asset. Then, put it in the hands of the right people at the right time to drive operational excellence through asset performance.

Here's how the digital twin can help.

These days, you either know people who work in digital or don’t. In the next decade, that’ll no longer be the case. Digital won’t be a separate entity. Eventually, it will just become a normal part of our working lives - a foundational building block for everything else.

John Cumming of Worley.

John Cumming

Director, Industrial Innovation Advisory

Our latest examples of digital twin success and thinking

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