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Alberto Iniesta Serrano
Senior Advisor and Digital Twin SME

“I see digital as a chance for growth and self-investment. I love finding solutions to challenges.”

Headshot of Alberto Iniesta Serrano of Worley.

Alberto joined Worley in 2022 with an ambition to help transform the energy industry through digital solutions.

“I’m based in Madrid, Spain, and work in a global team that helps our customers unlock the value of digital technologies. We start by reviewing our customers’ as-is state and then help them to find the right technologies to address their business challenges and opportunities.”

Curious minds can change the world

Alberto is a big advocate of personal development. He transferred from a technical to a digital role because he saw the opportunity to flourish in the space.

“We all have transferable skills but it’s more about the desire to learn new things and stay curious. Digital is a broad domain and there are a lot of different knowledge areas to specialize in.

“I want to make things better and more efficient while reducing environmental impacts. And by understanding how digital technologies can enhance the way we work, I believe we can change the world.”

Emerging technologies will transform industrial assets

One technology that Alberto believes will be transformational to the way we work is digital twin.

Emerging technologies are going to transform the way we work and operate industrial assets. And digital twin has a lot of potential here,” says Alberto. “It reduces cost, risk and downtime while increasing production, reliability and asset potential.”

Alberto also believes digital twin technology will help us navigate the energy transition.

“A digital twin can monitor and forecast all the asset’s environmental impacts. It provides a performance baseline and enables optimizations that will reduce the asset’s environmental footprint.”

With big data comes big responsibility

When it comes to implementing digital twin technology, Alberto thinks discussions should be data driven.

“The limitations of digital twin technology are not technology related. You need solid data foundations to provide reliable insights which drive actions,” he explains. “Companies need to understand the importance of data and be responsible for ensuring it’s treated and valued appropriately.

“Open source and cloud computing will have a huge impact on digital technologies like digital twin. We shouldn't underestimate the things that can be done by a few lines of code or the processing power that can be served at scale.”

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