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Richard Fiorante
Senior Director –Autonomous Americas

“We’re not waiting for the perception of mining to change. We’re working with our customers to develop new solutions to optimize their operations and enable their transition to more sustainable practices.”

Richard Fiorante of Worley Consulting.

Richard Fiorante works as a Senior Director in our Autonomous Americas team for Worley Consulting. Richard has more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas and mining industries. And today, he helps transform mining operations by creating autonomous solutions.

The future of mining depends on technology for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable operations,” says Richard. “We help our customers meet future demand for resources – while making progress on their sustainability goals – by developing and implementing autonomous solutions such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and simulation.

“A challenge in my role is identifying when and how to apply technologies to drive value as early as possible,” Fiorante explains. “Mining companies need to evaluate and integrate technologies at the beginning of the project lifecycle, while also looking for optimization opportunities throughout the life of a project.”

The importance of collaboration in mining

Early in his career, Richard recognized the potential of technology to transform operations across various industries. This passion has driven him to work closely with customers to develop new solutions for mining operators.

“I believe that collaboration and partnering with customers is critical to progress in our industry,” explains Richard. “By building open and transparent relationships, we can achieve sustainable growth together.”

Richard wearing PPE standing inside a Nickel processing plant.

One example is maintaining transparent reporting of environmental performance, which ensures stakeholders have a clear understanding of the operational impact of a mine.

“Optimizing resource use and preventing waste simplifies decision making and accelerates the initiation of mining operations,” he says. “Our commitment to innovation extends to machine learning algorithms and AI, enabling us to optimize resource extraction, minimize environmental impact, and make more accurate predictions for sustainable exploration strategies in America.”

Automation at the heart of operational optimization

As Richard explains, there is an urgent need for more efficient and cost effective ways to explore and recover the critical minerals needed to support the energy transition.

“Technologies like remote sensors, IoT (internet of things) devices, and advanced automation, allow miners to continuously collect data which allows them to make informed decisions in near-real-time, in remote locations. This can help to optimize exploration, enhance safety, and reduce downtime.

Richard wearing a bright vest standing on a hill at a reclaimed dam under development.

“This must be supported by seamless connectivity, enabled by telecommunications infrastructure, and comprehensive cybersecurity measures to safeguard against cyber threats and protect sensitive operational data,” continues Richard.

“Our approach has four pillars: real-time simulations, early-stage asset identification, digital data driven operations and advanced automation.

“Through this approach, we’re not just shaping the future of mining with our customers, by ensuring continued social license to operate and increasing output, we’re also building a legacy of responsible mining practices.”

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