Sevi Rich
Vice President, Global Core Accounts

Speed to market is essential for the energy transition, which needs not only a shift in mindset towards partnerships but also seamless technology integration.”

Sevi Rich of Worley.

Sevi Rich is based in our Perth office. She helps some of the world’s largest mining companies to provide resources that society needs, improve project delivery and respond to changing industry dynamics.

“I lead strategic initiatives to foster long term partnerships with key customers. To drive innovation, sustainability, and value creation through transformational project and portfolio delivery and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility,” says Sevi.

“The mining industry is grappling with engineering, construction, or financial challenges at the same time.

“And as a partner to large miners, we need to overcome the misconception that we solely provide engineering and construction services. We’re a collaborative solutions partner helping miners to overcome these challenges and meet their business objectives.” 

From mathematics to future facing commodities

Sevi’s career trajectory has helped her to understand the range of challenges faced by our mining customers.

“Being a mathematician, it wasn't straightforward to pinpoint a profession from the outset,” says Sevi.

“I had to delve into diverse experiences early in my career. My exploratory years spanned various roles in oil and gas, financial services, and power utilities, where I honed skills in data storytelling to inform decision making and effectively manage stakeholders.”

Sevi then moved into early leadership roles in mining, delivering organization wide strategic business plans, opportunity assessments and early studies.

“This helped me understand how large and complex organizations work, and how to develop strategies at a scale,” she adds.

The next phase of Sevi’s career involved more substantial leadership roles, where she managed large teams, spearheaded organizational transformations, and fostered a culture of learning and innovation.

“Over the past 10 years, I’ve held senior and executive global leadership roles with a focus on future facing commodities, energy transition, sustainably improving whole-of-business outcomes and the integration of emerging technologies.”

Balancing financial and production goals with sustainability targets

Sevi is optimistic about the mining industry’s ability to transform in years, rather than decades.

“I’m fortunate to work with people who can deliver the scale of change needed to extract full value from materials while reducing environmental impacts,” she says.

“Our team brings expertise across environment and social, sustainability, procurement and construction, program management, and digital innovation.

“Mining plays a vital role in facilitating the energy transition by providing essential materials for renewable energy technologies, ensuring supply chain resilience, fostering innovation, and contributing to economic development.

“I’m confident that with a shift in how we approach partnerships, innovation and a commitment to sustainability, the mining industry can pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.”

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