Claudio Martinez
VP Global Copper Sector Lead

“Our energy transition goals are at risk if investment in mining doesn’t increase. In the next two decades, a trillion dollar investment will be needed to meet demand, and that’s just for copper.”

Claudio wearing a brown cowboy hat standing on a field.

Claudio is our Global Copper Sector Lead, based in Santiago, Chile.

With over 30 years of experience spanning several locations, languages and industries, Claudio is using his knowledge and understanding to help our customers meet global copper demands. While supporting their net zero ambitions.

“The challenges faced by the copper industry are huge,” says Claudio. “And they require different thinking to rapidly advance technology, foster collaboration and shift the industry’s focus to a design for performance and sustainability approach.

“Every day I see new ideas emerge and new technology deployed. In copper, we’re working with new technologies, helping innovators to increase their readiness level for industrial application.”

Mining is everywhere

Copper demand is set to double in the next 20 years, and Claudio stresses there’s work to be done to reduce copper mining’s impact, particularly regarding water, power, and land use.

“Mining is the starting point for many materials found in a range of products we use every day,” explains Claudio. “For example, copper makes up roughly 20 percent of a mobile phone. It’s also a key part of wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels, so we must continue our efforts to reduce mining’s impact on the environment. We’ve done a lot so far, but more is needed.”

Working with our customers and partners to make a difference

Industry collaboration is where Claudio believes new technologies are key.

“We’re working with our customers and technology partners to incubate several technologies,” he says. “Technology needs to advance quickly. To do this, we must collaborate with all stakeholders and integrate decarbonization into everything we do.

“The thing that excites me the most about this is making a difference with our customers and partnering with them to deliver projects safely and sustainably.”

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