From Ambition to Reality:
A call to action for sustainable change


Innovation and urgency: Meeting the net zero challenge

Traditional methods of infrastructure delivery won't meet the scale and speed of the net zero challenge. Our From Ambition to Reality (FATR) thought leadership series, a collaboration with Princeton University's Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, provides a bold, industry-wide approach to meeting this challenge head on.

The papers call for urgent action and a radical, but responsible paradigm change to the way projects are delivered. Net zero by mid-century won't be achieved doing things the way we always have. Deep collaboration and risk and reward sharing are key.

Worley and Princeton are championing the change and we challenge other infrastructure participants to work with us to turn ambition into reality.

What steps are you prepared to take?

Discover the key findings from the 2023 Princeton Net-Zero Stakeholder Survey.


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Download our latest paper

Read our latest paper to learn how the 5 FATR shifts can help accelerate project delivery in a real world low-emissions value chain, and the steps infrastructure participants in all clean energy supply chains can take now to build the momentum needed to achieve mid-century net zero.


Decarbonization of our economies is an enormous challenge, one we've made harder through slow action. Mid-century net zero is achievable if we adopt a new paradigm for project delivery. It’s ambitious, but critical for our planet.

Dr Paul Ebert of Worley.

Dr Paul Ebert

Group Director, Sustainability and Energy Transition Leadership

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From Ambition to Reality 3: Steps to accelerate net zero delivery

In a major update to our From Ambition to Reality thinking, this paper outlines pragmatic steps infrastructure participants can take to help make the new project delivery paradigm a reality by 2030, accelerating delivery to what is needed to make net zero a reality.

From Ambition to Reality 2: Measuring the change in the race to deliver net zero

In this paper, we use the 5 FATR shifts to convert thinking into action. We describe how we’ll track and drive the pragmatic changes we need in the critical decade for climate action through to 2030.

From Ambition to Reality: Weaving the threads of a net zero delivery

Our first paper will help you understand the scale of the task to get to net zero, and then take you through each of the 5 FATR shifts in thinking needed to reinvent the way we deliver energy infrastructure.

Dr Clare Anderson of Worley.
"The biggest challenge is the scale and speed required to reach net zero by 2050. It’s an enormous undertaking. But it’s also a huge opportunity. To overcome this challenge, we are going to need to form new partnerships and develop new ways of working."
Dr. Clare Anderson Director of Sustainability Performance Read Clare's profile
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