Dr Clare Anderson
Director of Sustainability Performance

“I’ve always been interested in climate change and the importance of creating a sustainable environment for future generations.”

Clare Anderson of Worley.

Clare is Director of Sustainability Performance and co-author of From Ambition to Reality, our series in collaboration with Princeton University's Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.

“I started my career in offshore oil and gas in the nineties. Even then, I was concerned about climate change. So, after eight years, I decided to do a PhD in carbon capture and storage (CCS) and shift into what I really cared about – reducing carbon emissions,” explains Clare.

Clare worked in CCS for 10 years when she joined Worley in London as an engineering manager before returning to her home country, Australia. “In that role, I was always finding ways to demonstrate the decarbonization options available to our customers,” she says.

We need to move from talk into action, and fast

Clare believes there is an urgent need to address climate change and return the Earth to a sustainable state for future generations. That’s why she wanted to be part of the groundbreaking series, From Ambition to Reality.

“This series breaks down the complex issues around net zero. It gives us a pathway forward through tangible steps and analyses how we can convert thinking into action.”

As a co-author, Clare is realistic about the challenges facing the industry and is determined to make a change.

“Greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced to around 50 percent of what they are today by 2030 if we want to avoid irreversible effects of climate change. That’s less than seven years away.

“The series is important because it explains the need and details how we need to dramatically change the way we deliver infrastructure to meet the challenge of scale and pace that’s ahead of us,” she says.

“It’s an enormous undertaking. But it’s also a huge opportunity. To overcome this challenge, we’re going to need to form new partnerships and develop new ways of working.”

We can all play a role in delivering a more sustainable world

When looking to the future, Clare advises us all to stay engaged.

“I’d encourage everyone to stay curious. Stay up to date with what’s happening in and around our industry and the work being done to achieve net zero. I am honored to be surrounded by people at Worley and our partnerships who are already doing this. And I firmly believe with that power behind us, we will achieve great things in the energy transition… and beyond.”

Clare wearing PPE standing in front of a body of water.
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