Our sustainability approach

It is our commitment that 75 percent of our aggregated revenue will come from sustainability-related work by the end of FY26.

To make sustainable transformation a reality, we’re building on our credibility as an engineering partner in energy, chemicals and resources to a solutions provider leading partners and societies to a more sustainable future.


We identify the sustainability material issues that matter most to our business and the world around us.

And we view these issues through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we conduct our assessment in line with the principle of double materiality.

Our purpose, ambition and values

Our purpose, ‘delivering a more sustainable world’, is central to our transformation. Our ambition is that we will be recognized globally as a leader in sustainability solutions. Our values underpin both our purpose and ambition.


Our ambition is based on three measurable pillars: People, Portfolio and Planet

We energize and empower our people to drive sustainable impact.

We foster a safe, inclusive and innovative work environment that inspires our people.

We provide outstanding opportunities to learn, develop and drive sustainability.

We attract and retain top talent with diverse backgrounds.

We are a trusted partner, providing best-in-class solutions.

We accelerate our growth and aspire to derive 75 percent of our revenue from sustainability-related work by FY26.

We implement new solution-based models, enabled by data, technology and automation.

We expand the value we bring to our customers, share in that value and ensure a higher return on investment.

We partner with customers as stewards of a more sustainable world.

We commit to our own sustainability – reaching net zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030 and Scope 3 by 2050.

We partner with customers commited to driving sustainability: together we decarbonize value chains and steward resources.

We seek to be recognized globally for our leadership in sustainability.

How we create value

Explore our value creation module to view the range of resources and relationships we rely on to create value today and tomorrow.

Our strategy

Our strategy places us at the center of accelerating sustainability investment with existing and emerging customers.


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