February 01, 2019 • 2 min read

Delivering two battery energy storage systems
for EWEB

How we helped provide local communities with fresh drinking water during long-term power outages

The successful installation of two battery energy storage systems (BESS) means that local communities have fresh drinking water during power outages.

Through a lump sum EPC approach, we successfully delivered two BESS installations for the Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) in Eugene, Oregon.

Each BESS is independent and will provide emergency power to a new water well system, offering the community fresh drinking water during long-term power outages.

Customer challenge

Recognizing the value BESS offers, EWEB has developed a ‘five in five years’ plan to install BESS throughout its distribution system. EWEB plans to use each BESS for resiliency at their individual locations and then under an aggregated microgrid approach for system-wide benefits. 

The Grid Edge Project was the first of these community-based 'five in five years' projects and is located at the Howard Elementary School. Worley supported this project, providing BESS experience and guidance, as well as initial support to define the project to meet EWEB’s budget.

Our solution

Worley delivered the two BESS through a lump-sum, EPC approach. Our team also integrated an existing 25 kW rooftop solar photovoltaic system and a new emergency water well system into the design to offer added resiliency to the project.

Value delivered

Worley, utilizing our smart & distributed energy team, provided initial guidance on BESS and microgrids design, to develop a project which met EWEB’s budget and provided the resiliency they required. 

Our teams, which included project leadership from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and engineering from Reading, Pennsylvania, and Portland, Oregon, supported EWEB through a transparent technical and commercial approach to ensure EWEB had confidence in our pricing and met its internal budgets. We guided EWEB through a number of use case discussions and provided relevant vendor and subcontractor information to support the project contract value. This added value enabled EWEB to make informed decisions throughout the project. 

Our team showed great flexibility throughout the project, adjusting course as needed to meet changes in project definition and scope, including solar integration, larger concrete pads for the addition of storage containers, etc. We completed the project with zero HSE incidents. 

Helping EWEB realize the value of battery energy storage systems that will benefit the wider Eugene community was a fantastic opportunity and supports our new energy focus. What’s more, we completed the project on time and on budget, with zero HSE incidents.

Bojan Popovic of Worley.

Bojan Popovic

Vice President Operations

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