May 02, 2023 • 1 min read

Leading a hydrogen blending study in the US

We’re working with Xcel Energy to assess the suitability of its US natural gas infrastructure to participate in the hydrogen economy. 

The study will determine the feasibility of injecting and blending hydrogen into Xcel Energy’s 36,000 miles of distribution pipeline and 2,200 miles of transmission pipeline.

We’ll evaluate what percentage of injected hydrogen the system can handle, and what upgrades will be necessary to optimize the blended quantity.

This project involves reviewing all assets, including compression stations, meters, and facilities. Our team of experts across both Advisian and Worley will assess each system, area, and location to evaluate the maximum allowable hydrogen blending capability.

The assessment is due for completion in July 2023, providing data and recommendations to inform future upgrades and adaptations to Xcel Energy’s midstream infrastructure for its 2.1 million customers.

“We’re excited to be bringing our global expertise in hydrogen blending and pipeline integrity to the developing US market. Our ability to bring together the best experts and solutions to any project or customer has positioned us well to deliver this exciting study,” said Oliver Morgan, Global Vice President, Midstream.

“The potential that hydrogen has to support the energy transition can  help Xcel Energy achieve its clean energy goals. We’re pleased to be involved in Xcel Energy’s journey, to determine the suitability of its system to participate in the hydrogen economy.”


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