February 23, 2021 • 2 min read

1PointFive selects Worley to engineer direct air capture facility

We’ve been awarded the initial engineering phase of 1PointFive’s first direct air capture (DAC) facility.

The facility, located in the U.S. Permian Basin, is the first commercial scale deployment of Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology, which captures carbon dioxide directly out of the atmosphere. This FEED agreement is the first step of an alliance between 1PointFive and Worley. The initial focus of this collaboration is on the Permian Clean Campus targeting DAC 1 through DAC 4.

The FEED phase will focus on the first train, DAC 1, which will capture 500,000 metric tons of CO2 annually. Completion is estimated by the end of 2021, after which the alliance will move into the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) phase for DAC 1. 

During the FEED phase, we’ll help 1PointFive to explore next-generation technology, materials and manufacturing approaches consistent with a circular economy—from recycled plastics to 3D printing and fully integrated zero-emission power. These innovations will contribute to the facilities’ sustainability and capital efficiency, and the data will help to refine future direct air capture facilities. 

When complete, the facility will be capable of extracting one million metric tons of atmospheric CO2 annually. It will also help to accelerate the deployment of commercial-scale direct air capture technology, which is critical to helping companies around the world meet their ambitious CO2 emission reduction targets. 

“Partnering with 1PointFive on this project aligns perfectly with our desire to deliver a more sustainable world,” noted Worley CEO Chris Ashton. “And their vision of a circular economy that includes direct air capture has the power to drive future sustainability at the intersection of economics, energy and the environment. Climate change is a big challenge to take on. But we’ll have some of the brightest minds in the world on this historic project.” 

Richard Jackson, 1PointFive Chairman, said, “We partnered with Worley for this historic project because our organizations are like-minded in their vision of sustainability. Worley has a proven track record of true innovation, and that will be essential to bring DAC to commercial scale. This first-of-its-kind facility is taking on one of the greatest challenges of our time. Our combined knowledge and expertise will not only make the project a success but also make real progress in the creation of a circular economy.” 


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