December 07, 2023 • 1 min read

Creating a centralized global procurement hub with BP Oman

We’re collaborating with BP Oman to launch a centralized global procurement hub in Oman.

Worley and BP representatives shaking hands.

Inaugural Ceremony – 20 November 2023

Together, we aim to develop a more sustainable supply chain by working with key suppliers to embed sustainable practices and increase the purchase circularity. The project will also play a key role in increasing Omanization and promoting local manufacturers to compete in the global market.

This will support BP’s global procurement operations for the eastern hemisphere, marking Oman as a strategic supply chain management development hub in the region, while also developing Omanis in the industry.

“As Worley supports BP in the transition to a global procurement model for the site projects we deliver, this achievement should help us expand our commercial and procurement team by hiring and training Omanis in the field of global supply chain management,” said Patrick Tranter, Vice President, Oman Operations, Worley.

Covering various sites such as Gelsenkirchen and Lingen in Germany, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Castellon in Spain, Mauritania and Senegal in West Africa and Khazzan and Ghazeer projects in Oman, the new model will help standardizing the processes, tools and categorizations, resulting in reduced lead time and saved operational costs.

“Aligning our procurement activities will enable us to develop and promote our national capabilities in the global supply chain management. Such a great accomplishment in collaboration with Worley will also help placing Oman on the map as a central hub and offer a great value for the organization by delivering a sustainable and agile business continuity,” said Yousuf Al Ojaili, BP Oman President.

“This project will help us explore additional windows of growth as well as unlocking new sources of in-country value for both us and BP,” added Tranter.


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