May 30, 2022 • 1 min read

Working with Heartwell on a greenfield renewable diesel plant

We’ve been awarded a contract by Heartwell Renewables LLC, a joint venture between The Love’s Family of Companies and Cargill, for a greenfield renewable fuels plant in Hastings, Nebraska.

The new plant will produce an estimated 80 million gallons (around 303 million liters) of renewable diesel per year from feedstocks such as vegetable oils and tallow.

This renewable diesel has the potential to reduce at least 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional petroleum-based diesel. It’s also compatible with diesel engines and can be used directly in engines designed to run on conventional diesel fuel with no blending required.

Under the contract, we’ll be providing detailed and field engineering services. Our services will be carried out by our team in Houston, Texas with support from our Global Integrated Delivery office in India.

“To help decarbonize road transportation, North America will be increasing its renewable diesel capacity significantly by 2025. We look forward to working with Heartwell on this important project that will contribute to the ambition of supplying more sustainable fuels to the market,” said Christy Tyer, Senior Vice President, Americas Central at Worley.


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