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Stuart Atkinson
APAC Water Resources Team Lead

“Working with talented hydrologists sparked my passion for water related work.”

Stuart Atkinson of Worley.

Stuart is the Water Resources Team Lead for our APAC region, based in our Perth, Australia. His first industry experience relating to water came during his Environmental Engineering degree at the University of Western Australia.

“I worked for a consulting company in Perth, meeting some talented hydrologists, water resource engineers and hydrogeologists.

“I then did a Master’s Research Degree in Hydrology, flew to England for a two year stint with an engineering consultancy, and then returned to Perth to work for Worley. Twenty years later, I haven’t looked back,” he says.

Reimagining our relationship with water in the industry

Stuart believes water stewardship is going to be one of the defining themes of the 21st Century.

“The energy, chemicals and resources industries need to become better water stewards in response to climate change. Some water intensive facilities will be retired in the coming decades. But water challenges will remain long after they’re gone.

“New sources of energy, such as renewable hydrogen, require a lot of water, too. And our customers will experience competing demands for finite water resources. Water can’t be an afterthought on industrial projects anymore.

Stuart in a boat with 3 children paddling with oars.

Challenging the business-as-usual approach to water management

Stuart explains how the urgency of industrial water challenges will require new approaches to water management.

“Our customers are already facing water stress – or sometimes excess – because of climate change. There’s also growing competition for finite water sources, increasing demands on water management, and the need to protect cultural and environmental values. We can’t approach these projects the way we did before.”

Stuart in the outback near a large body of water.

But Stuart is also optimistic about heavy industrial users’ evolving relationship with water.

“I believe there will be a lot of innovation in the water space over the coming years. This will come through collaborations to find better ways to access, use, reuse and manage water.

“I love the journey we’re on. And I’m proud to support our customers’ long term climate resilience, so they can build ambitious facilities that bring their sustainability goals closer.”

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