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Responding to a changing water landscape

Water scarcity, increased competition for available resources, environmental pressures, floods, drought and climate change are directly impacting our customers’ operations, and the communities they operate in.

We help our customers respond to these challenges with integrated and socially responsible water solutions. Our experience includes some of the most complex water projects across mining, refining and chemicals, and hydrogen and ammonia production and export.

Embracing all aspects of responsible water management

We provide expertise at every stage of water projects, from concept and feasibility through to detailed design, construction and commissioning. We also support our customers with decommissioning water infrastructure and rehabilitating the natural environment, as they prioritize water stewardship across every aspect of their operations.

We work across all types of infrastructure including conventional water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants for seawater, saline brackish and reuse, water treatment for unconventional oil and gas production, and pipelines and pumping stations. Our expertise covers abstraction, discharge, and treatment and recycling together with the associated residuals.

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