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Navigating sustainability challenges with digital

Digital technologies are accelerating the energy transition and driving the speed and scale of net zero infrastructure delivery. They will also be the foundation of transparency, community, trust, and shared value.

We partner with our customers to develop the digital solutions they need to reduce the environmental impacts of their existing assets using sensing, data modeling and leading digital technologies. We help them innovate and create the scalable and future-proofed assets needed to deliver their net zero goals.

We also help to de-risk and build resilience to more frequent and more extreme climate events, to minimize their impacts on communities, critical infrastructure and operating assets.

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How will digital solutions impact decarbonizing industries in 2024?


Our digital solutions

Asset decarbonization pathway

We’re helping customers to develop an understanding of their asset emissions profile and environment impact. Through data modelling, they can visualize the viable roadmaps to reduce their carbon impact.

Energy network stability

Through our digital tool, PowerPredict, we’re using machine learning to help wind power generators in Australia make accurate power generation predictions. This is critical to help maintain a stable energy market.

Climate change resilience

Our flood risk modelling tool, waterRIDE, enables our customers to visualize how a flood event will evolve and assess the impact on their operations to plan and react decisively.

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