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Closure, decommissioning
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Integrated closure, decommissioning and restoration solutions

We use an integrated approach to help customers manage their decommissioning and environmental liabilities and implement their closure and asset repurposing plans.

For over 40 years, we’ve supported operators to understand and handle potential, perceived, and legacy liabilities. Plan and oversee complex decommissioning, demolition, and closure projects. And provide expert waste management advice.

We’ve helped customers save over AUD $500 million by applying our pragmatic approach to environmental risk assessments, liability management, and sustainable remediation technologies.

Complete and cohesive closure solutions

We design and implement comprehensive closure plans including project management, hydrogeology, hydrology, geology and geotechnical, community liaison and social services, and environmental management.

This allows us to offer closure solutions that minimize environmental and community risk while maximizing project efficiency.

Industry leading mine closures

We leverage our global experience across the resources and energy sectors to manage and develop long term strategies for mine closure planning. This allows us to develop and implement industry leading practices and technology to deliver results for customers.

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