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Transforming asset performance with digital twin technology

Digital twins help our customers make better decisions, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

These virtual replicas of physical assets are built with live asset data. They apply advanced technologies like machine learning, augmented and virtual reality to help asset operators to optimize designs, run complex simulations and visualize operations data in real time.

We help our customers to develop and implement digital twins at every stage of an asset’s life. Our applications have delivered millions of dollars in cost savings, made industrial assets more sustainable, and increased autonomous and remote operations. Our realtime insights and hazard simulations also contribute to safer design and operating procedures.

John Cumming of Worley.
"From the beginning of a project, we must consider how data will travel across the life of the asset. Then, using a digital twin, we can put it in the hands of the right people at the right time to drive operational excellence through asset performance."
John Cumming Director, Industrial Innovation Advisory
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