May 20, 2020 • 1 min read

A new solution to harvest plastic debris from seas

How we're bringing ocean plastics into the circular economy

Plastics have contributed to significant advancements in many industries – from medicine and water supply to digital technology.

However, when plastics are disposed of incorrectly, they can end up in our oceans, on our beaches and damaging the natural environment. That’s why we’ve been involved with the development of a plastic debris harvesting solution, which helps clean up the world’s oceans and bring ocean plastics into the circular economy.

This one kilometer long and three meter deep rubber barrier is designed to intercept and trap floating debris. It features a self-propelled floating marine plastics harvester powered by natural wave motion, and a conveyor that removes plastic debris from the ocean to a storage container. Without harming marine life.

3D model of the plastic debris harvesting solution

Creating a circular economy

The waste is then collected by a mother ship and returned to land to be recycled into methanol. This, in turn, powers the ship, complete with carbon capture technology onboard.

“This project showcased just how much expertise we have that can contribute to solving complex global environmental problems. We have environmental scientists, naval architects, materials handling specialists, process engineers, and project delivery experts who bring it all together,” said Lana Dzananovic, Energy Manager at Worley.

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