October 29, 2021 • 1 min read

COP26 UK university competition winners

Back in June 2021, we launched a UK-wide competition for university students to find the best answer to the question, ‘How do we retrofit our world for a circular economy?’

Forming part of our COP26 celebrations, we wanted an idea, technology or strategy that not only answered the question, but also showcased a potential reduction in carbon emissions.

Our winning team was Catalyst Cubed, consisting of Evelyn Chen, University of Southampton, Peace Ojerinola, University of Salford and Hannah Amliwala, University of Leicester.

Three teams made the final and presented their entries to our experts – Angela Robledo, Group Director, Chemicals and Fuels, Ian Moore, Technical Director - Low Carbon, Shaun Poll, Vice President UK Operations, and Alex Irvine, Project Manager.

Catalyst Cubed researched and scoped a technology that uses clothing to create renewable energy from body heat, powering personal devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

“It’s been inspirational to hear the ideas that all our finalists submitted and presented. We chose Catalyst Cubed as our winners due to their innovative idea of using an everyday product to produce renewable energy – it’s out the box thinking, and we were impressed with their research.

“There’s a lot of future talent in the UK, and we hope to see some of our finalist teams apply for next year’s internships and graduate schemes at Worley”, said Poll.

The winners, Evelyn, Peace, and Hannah will now join us for a paid internship to learn more about Worley and how we’re fulfilling our purpose of delivering a more sustainable world.

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