October 21, 2021 • 2 min read

Celebrating diversity at Worley with four award nominations

From Kuumba to Women of Worley, our people networks work hard to keep diversity on the agenda. And this year, both networks have been nominated for GRIT awards for their work.

The 2021 GRIT awards are given to people and groups who work in the energy industry and who have shown innovation and transformation.

Our Women of Worley (WoW) network has been nominated in the Affinity Groups category for their work in embracing diversity. WoW support an inclusive culture to attract and retain the best and brightest women in the industry.

Tiffany Titone, a Project Engineer from Houston, has also been nominated in the Individual Group category for her work in promoting women in the workplace. Titone currently leads a regional chapter of WoW in America and has been key in growing it globally.

“It is fantastic to see our networks recognized outside the company for their contributions to diversity and inclusion. I am honored to be nominated as a finalist, following a history of many individual GRIT award winners from WoW.

“This speaks to our commitment to a culture and environment where women want to work and achieve their career potential.”

Jennifer Lee, Senior Director of Strategy, from Houston, is also a finalist in the Individual Group category. She was nominated for her contributions to the advancement of the energy transition, leadership in various diversity and inclusion initiatives, and extensive volunteer work in the community throughout the pandemic.

“It’s an honor to be nominated, particularly after such a challenging year,” said Lee. “Having a role in the world’s energy transition is incredibly fulfilling. No matter how difficult times may be, if we continue to embrace diverse perspectives and support each other, there is no limit to what can be achieved.”

Encourage difficult conversations around diversity and inclusion

Kuumba, our Black people network, was nominated in the Affinity Groups category. This network provides a place where everyone can learn more about diversity. It also supports our efforts to attract and retain the best talent and promote leadership and development.

“Kuumba is a safe space where work members of any heritage can come together to discuss what’s going on in their professional and personal lives,” said Robin Evans, Regional GID Director and Regional Champion at Kuumba. “Our work also takes us outside Worley. One way we’re developing is through community outreach programs. We go to schools and give kids a different perspective and show them what they could achieve.”

“We’ve been able to spearhead cultural sensitivity when it comes to having difficult conversations around diversity and inclusion,” said Britt Howard, Group Director, Assurance and Executive Advisor at Kuumba. “We must keep these conversations going and push for even more positive change.”

Wishing all nominees the best of luck at the GRIT awards, which take place on Tuesday, 26 October.


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