September 22, 2020 • 1 min read

Digital displaces textbooks for craft professionals

Until recently, our craft workforce depended on textbooks, physical training materials and in-person instructors to complete their apprentice training programs.

However, technology is on the brink of transforming the on-site learning experience.

We recently piloted the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and Pearson Publishing’s e-published craft training curriculum. The training is designed to build safe and productive skillsets on site, but in a more interactive way. 

The e-curriculum is accessible from any electronic device with an internet connection. This reduces the need to ship textbooks and training materials to remote sites, and instructors can teach remotely to deliver targeted training wherever, and whenever required. 

The initial pilot was offered to our pipefitters and electricians and included apprentice and remedial training for journeyman preparing for NCCER certification. More than 100 of our craft team members based at sites across Texas and Louisiana successfully completed the program and received their certifications.  

The pilot was applauded by participants and resulted in improvements in engagement and participation at a pivotal point in our craft professionals’ development.  

“The skills development of our craft professionals is vital to our success and the future of our industry,” said Jonathan Rennie, who leads our US Field Services. “Our customers recognize this and are engaged with us on the journey to transform the way we train our craft workforce. 

“The e-training will help us reach more of our people with convenient, flexible and high-quality instruction. This means a better trained and more productive workforce across our sites, especially in places where it’s difficult to ship instructional materials and set up apprentice training programs. To have accessible training whenever and wherever we need it is a big step forward.” 

We’re working with NCCER and Pearson Publishing to roll-out the e-training globally across all our disciplines to ensure safest and most productive outcomes for both our craft workforce and our customers.


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