October 30, 2020 • 1 min read

Expanding Comprimo's portfolio with BASF's solvent suite

How can we help our customers with their sulphur removal targets while delivering a more sustainable world?

Comprimo®, our sulphur technology business, is working on this exact challenge. We can now offer a larger range of licensing solutions, thanks to our agreement with BASF. This means we can help refiners and gas processors meet their sulphur removal targets, keep their costs low, and reduce their carbon footprint.

As authorized licensors of the OASE® suite, we are now able to offer OASE Yellow and Purple, alongside ExxonMobil’s FLEXSORB™ solvent technologies. These solvent technologies can achieve overall sulphur recovery greater than 99.99 percent and can treat specific sulphur contaminants in gas streams.

The OASE suite means facilities can meet stringent emissions standards. OASE Yellow enables the selective removal of sulphur components from natural gas, acid-gas enrichment, and tail gas treatment units. OASE Purple removes acid gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in gas processing and LNG pre-treatment facilities. And FLEXSORB selectively removes H2S in the presence of CO2 within a sulphur recovery unit or an acid gas removal unit, at lower capital and operational costs.

Frank Scheel, Senior Vice President, Comprimo, said, “This partnership with BASF means we can help our customers during these challenging times to keep their capital investment costs low and utility consumption to a minimum.”

What can Comprimo offer you?


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