Mohammad Rabih Ezzo
Welding Apprentice

“I’ve learned more in the first year of my apprenticeship than I ever thought I could.”

Mohammad Rabih Ezzo of Worley.

Mohammad Rabih Ezzo is halfway through a two-year apprenticeship program at our Worley Rosenberg construction and fabrication facility in Norway.

He’s currently working on a 23-year-old vessel that’s being refurbished in a life extension project.

“It’s exciting working on projects where you bring older assets back to life. That’s what I do in my spare time as well – I fix up old cars with my little brother and I get the same satisfaction. Being able to do what I love at work is the best feeling.”

Transforming my future

Worley Rosenberg’s apprenticeship program takes around 25 apprentices every year and has done since the 1980s. On average, 70 percent of apprentices go on to join on a permanent basis.

“I was 18 and in high school when I got the chance to join a two-week work experience programme. It gave me insight into how I could shape my career and the different paths I could follow,” says Mohammad.

“I enjoyed it so much that I applied to be part of the full-time apprentice programme. I was accepted and I returned the following year.”

Working towards accreditation

“I’ve always worked with my hands,” explains Mohammad. “I have two welding machines at home. As it’s my hobby it felt natural to join the program as a welder.”

Although Mohammad’s apprenticeship is focused on welding, he’s gained skills and experience in other trades, too.

“The apprentice program lets you experience a bit of all the trades and crafts involved in large construction and fabrication projects. It allows you to switch and work with new people and teams. Next, I’d like to expand my skills and learn more about piping installation,” explains Mohammad.

Mohammad wearing welding safety gear.

Our programme covers welding, steel and piping, machining, and quality control. And has a big focus on site safety, which goes towards part of the final accreditation.

“At the end of my two-year apprenticeship I’ll sit an end of year exam and get an industry-recognized accreditation in welding. I can then apply for a permanent position at the Worley Rosenberg yard. And I can’t wait to see where my apprenticeship takes me in the future.”

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