September 04, 2018 • 2 min read

Creating a digital twin for BP's Clair Ridge development

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How we saved time and costs for BP

We helped future-proof asset operations by delivering a digital solution for BP.

Customer challenge

BP’s giant Clair Ridge development consists of two bridge-linked platforms located West of Shetland.

BP appointed us to manage an externally-hosted digital, distributed asset information environment through the design, fabrication, commissioning phases and into operations to support the planned long production life of the asset, and to make the most of the multi-billion-pound investment. This ‘digital twin’ will leverage integrated engineering data, information management and document control processes already deployed on the Clair Ridge project.

Our solution

We host the Asset Information Hub, a web portal acting as a single point of information for the 3D model, tag data and all project documents. This provides BP with timely, focused support and functionality enhancements for project users.

Engineering data triggers are sent to the Asset Information Hub to ensure that the digital twin is as up to date as possible, providing immediate access to consistent, dependable data.

The Asset Information Hub supports early validation of documents and data from contractors, vendors and engineering systems. It also ensures that operations have up to date, validated information at the earliest opportunity.

The CAD model has been converted into AVEVA’s Engage platform, a 3D visualization model with associated data and documents. This ensures that both the hook up project team and increasingly the operations team can visualize the asset in real-time, check data and documents, and see maintainable tags on the asset in their own surroundings.

Clair Ridge platform in the North Sea with a digital twin.
Digital twin 3D model of BP's Clair Ridge

Value delivered

Our approach has already delivered immediate value, through the Asset Information Hub’s rapid deployment and minimal user training.

The digital twin has extended the benefits of 3D visualization and information management to decision makers at all levels, in all disciplines, supporting collaboration. It provides data integrity, which reduces risk, errors and delays, while increasing the understanding of complex asset information. This is aided by immersive navigation and walk-through of models and their data sources.

Collaboration is further supported by multi-discipline design review and issue resolution. For example, during the hook up phase it has supported constructability reviews and construction progress verification. And in the future it will support inspection, maintenance and turnaround planning for efficient operations.

For future brownfield projects, it will allow early validation of documents and data from EPC contractors and engineering systems. The digital twin will improve future asset support and maintenance, with many offshore tasks done onshore, saving both time and cost.

For those who do need to go offshore, the user can familiarize themselves with the platform and, more importantly, their particular area of work onshore before they go.

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